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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to anyone visiting or using the “grumpstr” website and any of its associated products or services. By visiting and registering at you agree to be bound with the Terms and Conditions laid out below. If you cannot agree to these Terms and Conditions then please do not register or visit the site.

Privacy Policy

grumpstr takes your privacy extremely seriously and therefore encourage you to read our dedicated privacy policy to understand how we collect and use your content and information:

Our Obligations

grumpstr will always remain FREE to the consumer. grumpstr is built to provide a collective consumer voice and consumers are the lifeblood of our projects. We will always try to ensure your requirements are met.

grumpstr will aim to ensure that all information displayed by grumpstr on our website is up to date and accurate – unfortunately we cannot guarantee that posts by grumpstr users follow the same principle but in instances where inaccuracy of user posts can be proven then we will address those concerns accordingly.

grumpstr will aim to ensure that the website is accessible to everyone at all times however there may be times when this is not possible due to unavoidable maintenance.

Your Obligations

Please remember then any posts to grumpstr are public domain and therefore users should consider carefully the content of their posts. grumpstr cannot be held responsible for the content of users posts and users should be reminded that their posts are subject to local Criminal and Civil Liability. grumpstr WILL NOT be held responsible for defamatory, inaccurate, illegal or unlawful posts or posts likely to encourage illegal or unlawful behaviour.

Please be reminded that ALL posts to grumpstr are vetted and have to be approved. We WILL NOT tolerate abusive, discriminatory, harmful or illegal posts although grumpstr asks that users report any posts they feel violates this in order to promote a “Community Self-Policing environment”. It is the aim of grumpstr to be a helpful asset to consumers.   

Please ensure that all posts to grumpstr are:

  • Factually correct and accurate to the best of your knowledge
  • Not defamatory or obscene
  • Not in breach of any Trademark or Copyright or infringe any Intellectual Property Rights
  • Not based to promote you or your employers business.

If you wish to respond to complaints on behalf of your or your employer’s business then please purchase a Company subscription. When doing so we ask the following:

  • That you have the required permission from the company to respond on behalf of the company
  • That you adhere to the same rules with regards to defamatory, illegal or obscene posts.

Other Important Information

You, as the user, take full and complete responsibility for the content you add to our websites and therefore you must be happy that your content may be subject to legal process.

You grant us to use the content you post as we see fit and display accordingly free of charge or royalties.

We encourage users to link to our website but ask you to do so responsibly. In the event that we ask you to change or remove one of your links we ask you to do so as soon as possible.

When linking we ask that you do not create the impression that there is any association or endorsement from us unless we explicitly state in writing that there is.

Ensure any links to our website must not damage our reputation is any way and must not contain obscene or illegal remarks, infringe copyrights or intellectual property.

Our Liability

grumpstr have strict rules and processes with regards to the content on our website; however we accept that from time to time things may go wrong. grumpstr will ensure, in the event of a mistake on our part, that any issues arising are rectified as quickly as possible.

grumpstr are unable to compensate you for any losses you may suffer as a result of a mistake made by us in any of our content, inaccessibility to our websites, downloading or use of our website material, any content added to our website by our users.

We reserve the right to edit or delete and user content at our sole discretion.

Please DO NOT use grumpstr if you are unable to comply with our Terms and Conditions. If you do not comply with our then we may take action against you such as:

  • Temporary or Permanent removal as a user
  • Legal action to recover financial loss we have suffered as a result of your actions
  • Publishing details of your actions

You also agree that as a user you will fully cooperate with any disputes that may arise that involve you and other users.

grumpstr reserve the right to review and change our Terms and Conditions at any time. Please ensure that you regularly view our Terms and Conditions. We cannot guarantee that updates will be communicated by grumpstr and that any changes to our Terms and Conditions will come into affect as soon as said Terms and Conditions are published to our website.

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